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General submissions for RHINO 2019 are currently open.

Our general submissions reading period is April 1 - July 31 for poetry, poems in translation, and flash fiction.

Use the form below to submit to RHINO.

If you have submitted to RHINO in the past, use the login form to log in to your account and select “Submit Your Work”.


Group your submission in a single, typed document: (Word or PDF only) with your name, phone number, and email on each page. Translations must include a copy of the work in its original language and the translator is responsible for the author’s permission to use his or her material.

Cover letter: In the comments box, tell us a little bit about you and your publications, and how you heard about RHINO Poetry

We consider (up to 5 pages total):
  • Poetry ( 3-5 poems) - all poems are automatically considered for our Editors' Prize.
  • Translations of poetry ( 3-5 poems) Occasionally we award a Translation Prize.
  • Flash fiction (500 words or less)
  • Founders' Prize (up to 5 poems) September 1 - October 31.
We do not consider:
  • More than one submission per reading period
  • Work that has been previously published on any website or in any print publication
  • Work already planned for publication in a chapbook, book, or elsewhere
  • Unsolicited reviews
  • Unsolicited interviews

For full submission guidelines, please visit https://rhinopoetry.org/general-submissions

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